Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I build a workout in Swimming Community.Com?

First you need to conceptually picture the workout you want to enter.  You may want to write it down on paper the first time you use this program.  Group your workout into sets.  For example, you should always have a Warm Up set and a Warm Down set.  In between you may have a distance freestyle set, a kick set and a stroke set.  Let's create a simple workout consisting of 3 sets as shown:

Set 1:        1 x  400     Free    Swim   on     6:00    (Warm Up)
                 4 x   75       Free    Kick     on      1:30
                 4 x  125      Free    Pull      on      2:00

Set 2:       |- 3  x  200     Free    Swim    on    3:00  (Main Set)
          3 x |  4 x  100       IM       Swim    on    2:00    
                |- 4 x   50        IM        Kick      on    1:00

Set 3:         1  x 200     Free     Swim    on    2:00  (Warm Down)

Step 1 : Always make sure you are Enrolled and logged in before entering a workout!  From the Home page of SC.Com, click the Workout Builder icon located on the left hand side of the page.  You should see a split screen appear with SetBuilder on the left and WorkoutBuilder on the right. 

Step 2:  Build your first set in SetBuilder.  Key in the information from above for the Warm Up set only!  For example, in the first line you would enter Cycles = 1, Reps = 1, Dist = 400, Stroke = "Free", Accessories = "Swim", Interval = "6:00", Intensity = "L" (for Low), and Comment="(Warm Up)". The second line would contain information for the 4x75 kick and the third line would contain the 4x125 Free Pull.

Step 3:  Now you have to add the set to the workout.  To do this click the button below the data entry boxes called Add Set.  The first set should now show up on the right side of the split screen.  Notice that stats for the current workout are also calculated.

Step 4:  Back to SetBuilder to enter the second set.  Click the Clear Set button to remove the warm up set.  You can now enter the main set.  In this case, you loop through the main set 3 times so make sure that Cycles = 3.  When you enter the 3x200, 4x100 and 4x50, the set total is 3600 because you will loop through the set 3 times (I'm getting tired just typing it).  Again, click the Add Set button and the main set should appear in the workout below the warm up set.  Finally, clear the main set and add the Warm Down set to the workout.

Step 5:  Most Important.  You want to save your workout.  Below the workout stats in Workout Builder you will notice number of buttons for saving/recalling/deleting workouts.  Find the button that says Save Workout.  Before clicking the button, make sure you have entered the correct workout date, distance type (yards/meters) and the time of day (AM/PM).  Finally click Save Workout.  You should see a screen that says your workout has been saved.  If a workout already exists for that day you will have the option of overwriting it or using your browsers back button to change the date/time information.  When you return to the home page, your Quick Stats should now reflect the workout you just entered.  

If you are still having problems do not get frustrated, get help!  Email us and explain the problem.

What is the difference between SetBuilder and WorkoutBuilder?

SC.Com operates on the premise that a workout consists of multiple sets.  Accordingly we offer a tool to build sets and a tool that compiles the final workout.  Warm ups, kick sets, pull sets, stroke sets etc. can all comprise a workout.  SetBuilder offers maximum flexibility in creating each set.  You can play around with cycles, reps, distances etc before submitting the set to the final workout. WorkoutBuilder allows you to look at the workout as a whole.  You can quickly view the total workout time, distance, kick distance etc. to make sure you are incorporating everything you want into the workout.  

SetBuilder is where you change data in the individual sets.  WorkoutBuilder is where you do all of the file operations to the final workout such as Save, Recall, Delete and Post Team Workouts.

I created a workout but it was not saved.  How do I save a workout?

A common problem for new users.  Most first timers see the Add Set button and assume it is used to save a workout.  It is used to add a set to a workout but it does not save the workout.  To actual save a workout you must press the Save Workout button in WorkoutBuilder below the workout stats.  Before you click the Save Workout button you can select the date, time (AM/PM) and distance type (yards/meters).

How do I delete a workout that I've already saved?

From WorkoutBuilder, press the Delete Set button. You can select the date and time of the workout you want to delete.  The system will then display the workout and confirm that you want it deleted.

I entered a workout but saved it to the wrong date.  How do I change it to the correct date?

This is a 3 part process. 

  1. You must recall it from the date it was originally saved.  In WorkoutBuilder press the Recall Set button.  Be sure that the date and time of the workout is set to the date/time the workout was originally saved .  The fworkout should be show up in WorkoutBuilder.
  2. You must save the workout on the correct date/time.  Use the Save Workout button to accomplish this task.  Again make sure the date/time is correct.
  3. Finally you must delete the original workout.  To do this use the Delete Workout button.  Make sure the original (incorrect) date/time is highlighted.

What should I do if a single swim changes strokes part way through (ex: a 1500 that consists of a 400 free and 100IM repeated 3 times)?

This is a question of how exact you want your workout totals to be.  It is our recommendation that you choose the categories that best represent the swim.  For example, the set described above is primarily a Freestyle swim even though there are 3 100 IMs throughout.  You could store it as a 1500 freestyle with a comment that explains the details.  In this case all yards/meters will group to freestyle when you look at Quick Stats or Workout Analysis.

An alternate way of storing this would be to create a set that had a 400 Free and 100 IM listed 3 times.  You may want to set intervals to 0:00 for every part of the swim except the last 100 IM which would show the entire swim interval like:
1 x 400  Free  on 0:00
1 X 100 IM      on 0:00
1 x 400  Free  on 0:00
1 x 100  IM      on 0:00
1 x 400  Free  on 0:00
1 x 100  IM      on 22:00 

Keep in mind that it is very difficult to get exact counts of total stroke/free.  For example SC.Com will always count an IM as 100% stroke even though, technically, 25% is freestyle.  Keep in mind the purpose of the set/swim when determining the categories that a swim should should be grouped.

How many workouts can I store per day?

You can store 2 workouts per day.  1 for AM and 1 for PM.  

How do I make SC.Com create a workout for me?

Enter WorkoutBuilder.  At the bottom of the section titled Personal Workouts, select the button SC.Coach.  This will automatically generate a workout for you.   SC.Coach will display the criteria used to generate your workout before displaying the workout.

How does SC.Coach know how to create my workout?

Although the actual algorithms are proprietary, SC.Coach uses artificial intelligence and the following information to create your workout:

    Season Start Date

    Goal Event date

    Goal Event

    Goal Distance

    Workout Time (based on date you are creating workout for)

    Workout Intervals stored in member Profile


SC.Coach will determine where you are in your season and what type of training you need.  It can take you from preseason through taper.  All information used to create your workout is stored in Member Profile.  Before SC.Coach displays your workout it will show you the criteria used to generate the workout.  If your Member Profile is missing required information, a system default will be assigned.


How do I create/enroll a team?

From the SC.Com home page, select Team Registration.  Select the option to Create New Team.  Enter the team demographics, Coaches ID and Coaches Password. 

You will see two radio buttons for Open and Closed.  Open teams can be joined by any member of SC.Com.  Closed teams provide a confirmation process where the coach confirms which members can join before a member is actually enrolled.  The current release of SC.Com does not yet provide the Closed Team verification functionality.

On the right side of the form you will see a number of boxes under the heading Group Names. Enter the name of each group that you will enter workouts for.  For example your team name might be Springfield Sharks, however, you might have different workouts for your 8 and 10 & unders, your 12 and 14 & unders, your Open swimmers and your Masters team.  Each of these can be entered as a separate group.  Once the groups are created, they act almost like their own team.  For example, in Member Profile a user selects a combination team and group.  Also when you save a team workout you need to specify a team/group combination.

Our team consists of several groups with different swimming abilities.  Accordingly they do different workouts.  How do I enter workouts for different groups?

First you must define the different groups in  Team Registration.  See the instructions (above) for creating a team that describe setting up groups.  Once the groups are set up, build a workout the way you would for an individual via SetBuilder/WorkoutBuilder.  When it is time to save, click Post Team Workout remembering to choose the correct date/time/distance type.  The system will ask you to choose the Team/Group you want to update.  Select the Team/Group and save your workout.  At this point everyone who belongs to that team group will be able load the workout for themselves via Load Posted Workout.

How do I join a team?

Joining a team is simple.  From the SC.Com home page, select Member Profile.  About 1/4 of the way through your profile you have an option to select an existing team.  If the team you wish to join is not available, have the coach create a team following the instructions listed earlier in this page (How do I create/enroll a team?).

How do I post a workout for my team?

Creating a team workout is exactly the same as creating a personal workout (see How do I build a workout in Swimming Community.Com?).  The difference is how you save it.  After the workout is built, select Post Team Workout in WorkoutBuilder found near the bottom of the page listed under Team Workouts.  Once the workout is posted, team members will be able to Load the posted workout into their own workout log using the Load Posted Workout button followed by the Save Workout button.

How do I recall a workout that was posted for my team?

Once a team  workout is posted, team members can load the posted workout into their own workout log using the Load Posted Workout button found in WorkoutBuilder below the workout stats section.  At this point the member can add/delete/modify sets based on their actual workout and intervals.  When the member is satisfied with the workout, it is saved using the Save Workout button.

How are total pull, kick, stroke, etc. determined in Workout Analysis and Quick Stats?

Quick stats and Workout Analysis look the information you entered in SetBuilder to determine how  swims get grouped into various categories.  The following summarizes how each category is calculated:

Total Yards - Total of all workout information for given time period.

Total Kick - All swims using accessories options Kick/Fins and Kick.

Total Pull - All swims using accessories options Pull/Paddles and Pull.

Total Stroke - All swims except stroke categories Free and Drill.

Total Quality - All swims with an Intensity of H (high).

In Workout Analysis, what are Peers, how are they selected and why should I care about them?

Peer analysis is a very powerful tool that lets you compare your training with other people like yourself.  Want to to know how others are training?  Peer analysis gives you insight into the distances and types of workouts that are being done by your competition.  Members get grouped into your peer columns based on your definitions which are selected in Member Profile (Section called Peer Definitions).

I know about several races that are not listed in Meets & Races.  How do I enter them?

From the SC.Com home page, select Meets & Races.  At the bottom of the Meets & Races page you will find an Add Event button.  Simply fill out the information requested and save the event.  Next time you search for a race, it will be there.