About Swimming Community

Swimming Community was created for three purposes:

  1. To give swimmers of all levels a tool to design workouts and track their progress. 
  2. To create an active community allowing swimmers to train and compete with friends whether they are in the same pool or spread out around the world.
  3. To share our training and racing experiences with others to increase variety and make our seasons fun!

Let's face it, spending several hours a week staring at a little black line at the bottom of the pool can be downright boring.  For those of us who create workouts, it is difficult to be creative each day so we tend to train the same way day in and day out making our workouts monotonous as well as boring.  Combine this with swimmers who trains alone and I cannot imagine why anyone would stick with it.  Swimming Community is intended to be your coach, your training partner, your inspiration and hopefully, your motivation.

This site is different from most sites on the web.  It is not intended to be an information dump or an on-line store front that excels in telling you about the web site's company.  Instead, it is tool to help you improve your swimming.  SC.Com tells you about you.   Because it stores detailed workout and performance information about you, you team and your competitive peers, SC.Com becomes MORE USEFUL the more you use it and the more people that use it.

Because this is a different kind of web site, it may seem a bit more difficult to use than your typical web site.  This is because you are going to be entering and analyzing detailed information about yourself and your peers.  Read the instructions and E-Mail us with questions.  You will soon see the benefits.