Swimming Community Help - Dry Land Log (Weight Log)

The Dry Land Log is designed to track weight training and other exercise activity.   This help is not designed to be a primer on weight training, rather a description of how to log workouts.

IMPORTANT - Before you start entering workouts.

The Dry land Log is very customizable and therefore may be confusing at first.  Before you begin logging workouts you should follow the following steps.

  1. Identify the groups of exercises you want to define.  These are major exercise categories like Back, Arms, Abs, etc.  The system comes with several predefined categories but these can be customized by the individual.  It is strongly recommended that you define these up front. Click the button labeled Add/Delete Exercise Groups to edit your groups.
  2. Identify the specific exercises you do during your workouts.  Because there are thousands of possible exercises, users define the exercises they typically do.  This is where you define your biceps curls, sit-ups,  aerobics, etc.  Click the button Add/Delete Exercises to edit your exercises.

Building a workout

Add Basic Set.  A basic set consists of one exercise.  For example, you may choose Bench Press.  You then identify the number of sets, reps and weight you perform. 

Add Super Set.  A Super set consists of more than one exercise, usually designed to work more than one muscle at a time.  Often two or more exercises are performed several times.  For example a super set might consist of two exercises - Triceps Extensions and Biceps Curls.  You may do 10 reps of 50 lbs of Triceps Extensions followed by 12 reps of 40 lbs of curls.  You may choose to cycle through your set 3 times meaning you would do triceps extensions followed by curls followed by triceps extensions etc.

Add Circuit Set.  A Circuit set is similar to a super set but it usually involves several exercises.  A typical circuit will work many areas of your body in one circuit.  You typically do not do multiple cycles in a circuit.  A circuit may consist of 1 set each of Bench Press, Ab Machine, Lat Pulldown, Wrist Curls, Triceps Extensions and Curls.

Add Breakdown Set.  Breakdown sets and Pyramid sets are very similar to Basic sets.  In fact, they could be entered under the Basic Set Button.  A Breakdown set typically involves several sets of the same exercise where you start off with a heavy weight for the first set, drop the weight for the second set, drop the weight more for the third set, etc.  A Pyramid set is similar but you start off light, build to heavy weights and the back down.

Add Non-weight Set. This is a generic category where you can enter any type of non-weight exercise.  Chin ups, push ups, etc would fall into this category.  Non-weight sets do not prompt you for a weight.

Add Cardiovascular.  Cardiovascular sets are exercises that are designed to work your heart and lungs. Treadmill, aerobics and Taebo are example.  These exercises are measured by time as apposed to weight.