Analyze Your Training

Perhaps one of the most powerful features of Swimming Community is the ability to analyze your training in a variety of ways.  In order to get the most out of Swimming Community's analysis features, you need to set up a few pieces of information in your Member Profile which we will discuss shortly.

There are three main areas of workout analysis:

Statistics - This report gives a number of stats about your training, comparing yourself to previous periods as well as your peers.  Go to Workout Statistics

SC.Coach Analysis - This section utilizes SC.Coach's artificial intelligence algorithms to give you a basic evaluation of your training patterns.  Go to SC.Coach Analysis

Graphical Analysis - Plot your training by day, week or month.  Compare yourself to peers, teammates or yourself during previous years.  Graphical Analysis also lets you plot your cross training workouts as well.  Go to Graphical Analysis

All of these options can be found under the Training Analysis icon in the Navigation Bar.

Getting the most out of Training Analysis:

First, log a few workouts.  Blank graphs and zero stats do not make for exciting analysis.  Second set up the following sections in your Member Profile:

Peer Definitions - Because Swimming Community is an online training log you can compare your training to other people similar to yourself.  You define these "peers" in My Profile/Peer Defnitions.  Go to Peer Definitions

Analysis Defaults - Different people like to view their training data differently.  Additional options for viewing you data can be found in My Profile/Analysis Defaults. Go to Analysis Defaults