Tracking your workouts

Swimming Community allows you to track your swim, bike, run and dry land workouts.  Users can choose to store detailed training information containing specifics for each set or log summary data for each training session.  Users can log two swim workouts a day.  Entering detailed training data can be a bit tricky at first.  You may want to print the following page as a guide to building workouts.

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Workout Builder - Detailed training information - Step by Step

First you need to conceptually picture the workout you want to enter.  You may want to write it down on paper the first time you use this program.  Group your workout into sets.  For example, you should always have a Warm Up set and a Warm Down set.  In between you may have a distance freestyle set, a kick set and a stroke set.  Let's create a simple workout consisting of 3 sets as shown:

Set 1:        1 x  400     Free    Swim   on     6:00    (Warm Up)
                 4 x   75       Free    Kick     on      1:30
                 4 x  125      Free    Pull      on      2:00

Set 2:       |- 3  x  200     Free    Swim    on    3:00  (Main Set)
          3 x |  4 x  100       IM       Swim    on    2:00    
                |- 4 x   50        IM        Kick      on    1:00

Set 3:         1  x 200     Free     Swim    on    2:00  (Warm Down)

Step 1 : Always make sure you are Enrolled and logged in before entering a workout!  Start in the Home Page of Swimming Community.  When you place your mouse over The Navigation Option called Training Log you will notice several "logs" appear in the submenu.  You should see a split screen appear with Set Builder on the left and Complete Workout on the right. 

Step 2:  Build your first set in Set Builder.  Key in the information from above for the Warm Up set only!  For example, in the first line you would enter Cycles = 1, Reps = 1, Dist = 400, Stroke = "Free", Accessories = "Swim", Interval = "6:00", Intensity = "L" (for Low), and Comment="(Warm Up)". The second line would contain information for the 4x75 kick and the third line would contain the 4x125 Free Pull.

Step 3:  Now you have to add the set to the workout.  To do this click the button below the data entry boxes called Add Set.  The first set should now show up on the right side of the split screen.  Notice that stats for the current workout are also calculated.

Step 4:  Back to SetBuilder to enter the second set.   You can now enter the main set.  In this case, you loop through the main set 3 times so make sure that Cycles = 3.  When you enter the 3x200, 4x100 and 4x50, the set total is 3600 because you will loop through the set 3 times (I'm getting tired just typing it).  Again, click the Add Set button and the main set should appear in the workout below the warm up set.  Finally, clear the main set and add the Warm Down set to the workout.

Step 5:  Most Important.  You want to save your workout.  Below the workout stats in Workout Builder you will notice number of buttons for saving/recalling/deleting workouts.  Find the button that says Save Workout.  Before clicking the button, make sure you have entered the correct workout date, distance type (yards/meters) and the time of day (AM/PM).  Finally click Save Workout.  You should see a screen that says your workout has been saved.  If a workout already exists for that day you will have the option of overwriting it or using your browsers back button to change the date/time information.  When you return to the home page, your Quick Stats should now reflect the workout you just entered.  

If you are still having problems do not get frustrated, get help!  Email us and explain the problem.