2013 Triathletes Challenge

The nature of this competition is it to see who can cover the distance of the most Olympic-distance triathlons during the entire year.  An Olympic triathlon is 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run.  The race looks to at total yearly distances completed by sports and determines the minimum number of triathlons that were completed.  For example, if you swim 15 km, bike 1000 km and run 200 km, you would have completed 10 full triathlons (15km swim only represents 10 triathlons). 

How it Works

Each contestant must log Swim, Bike and Run distances in SwimLog, BikeLog, RunLog and/or QuickLog.  Only workouts logged within 30 days of the actual training day will be counted.

Contestants accumulate "total triathlons completed" based on the minimum sport completed.  Total Triathlons will be determined as the lesser of:

Swim kilometers divided by1.5

Bike kilometers divided by 40

Run kilometers divided by 10

The contestant who accumulated the most total triathlons wins the race.