Cuba to Key West is the first virtual race from Havana, Cuba to the nearest shores of the United States.

How it works

The race begins in Virtual Havana on July 15th.  The first member to swim and log 89 miles wins the race.  SwimmingCommunity.Com will track the distance that you log in your personal workout log to determine how much of the race you have completed, who is in the lead at any point and who, eventually, wins the race.  You can check your standing as often as you want.

Any type of swimming workout is valid.  Pull, kick or swim your way across the virtual  Straights of Florida to the inviting shores of Key West.  Unfortunately the virtual drinks at Sloppy Joes will not be as rewarding as the race itself.

Sign up and start logging your workouts.


Workouts must be logged in WorkoutBuilder no more than 5 days after the actual workout date.  That is, you can log a workout for August 1st on August  15th but the distance will not be counted toward the race distance.

Standings will be calculated real time.

Race begins July 15th, however, registrants can enter through July 30.

There is no fee.  (Awards will be commensurate to the entry fee)

There will be overall winners and winners for the following age categories 0-18,19-39, 40-64, 65+.  For this introductory race, men and women will compete together.

NOTE: This race is, in no way, intended to make any political statement.