The Challenge of the Fittest

This competition is like a virtual obstacle course.  The contestant who can survive the longest, wins the race. Here is how it works:

Each day there will be an assigned workout goal that each member must complete in order to advance to the next day.  These goals will start easy in the beginning of the month and end very hard by the last day.  For example we might have the following goals:

Jan 1 - 200 yards freestyle
Jan 2 - 200 yards IM
Jan 3 - 500 yards kick
Jan 4 - 500 yards butterfly
Jan 5 - off
Jan 6 - 1500 yards freestyle pull
Jan 7 - 1000 yards backstroke (not including IM)
Jan 30 - 15,000 Freestyle
Jan 31 - 10,000 Butterfly

Specific Rules - Make sure you read.

  1. Workout goals will be posted 3 days in advance.  
  2. Workouts should be logged for the day that they are assigned.  Realizing that some people have meets or other commitments, swimmers can do the actual workout 1 day before or after  the required date.  For example if January 2's goal is 200 IM, you can swim the 200 IM on Jan 1, Jan 2 or Jan 3.
  3. Each day's goal must completed in one workout.  You cannot do half in the AM and half in the PM.