This event is an endurance contest for the multisport athletes.  The contest runs for 1 month.  The premise of the competition to accumulate the most RMEs (Run Mile Equivalents) during the month. Conversion for RMEs is as follows:

1 mile swim = 4 RMEs

1 mile run = 1 RME

1 mile bike = 1/4 RME

Competitors should log all workouts in Swim Log, Bike Log, Run Log and/or QuickLog.  Swimming Community determines the number of RMEs you accumulate during each workout.  Competitors can view standings real time.

The winner of the contest will be the member with the most RMEs at the end of the month. 


1.  If you are not currently a member, please sign up by clicking on the Join Today button on the main page.

2.  To register for this race, go to the On-line competition registration page found under the Compete OnLine navigation menu.

3.  Start recording your training activity.  You can use the detail logs for each sport: Swim Log, Run Log and Bike Log or you can enter summary workout data via QuickLog.  All training logs are found under the Training Log navigation menu.

4.  The site will calculate the number of RMEs completes and determine your current rank in the competition.  To view your standings, click the Standings tab under Compete OnLine.