Swim the Eastern Caribbean in this multi-stage race.  The race actually consists of 5 mini races between several tropical islands.  The race begins January 1 and lasts for up to 3 months.

How it works

Swimmers start on the island of St. Vincents and must complete 5 race segments:

From: To: Distance
St. Vincents St. Lucia 42 kilometers
St. Lucia Martinique 31 kilometers
Martinique Dominica 38 kilometers
Dominica Guadeloupe 32 kilometers
Guadeloupe Antigua 63 kilometers

Simply enter the distance you swim each day in either SwimLog or QuickLog and  Swimming Community will track your progress between islands.  Once the distance between islands is complete, the swimmer automatically starts the swim to the next island.

Any type of swimming workout is valid.  Pull, kick or swim your way across the virtual  Caribbean to Catalina. 

Sign up and start logging your workouts.


Workouts must be logged in SwimLog or QuickLog no more than 5 days after the actual workout date.  That is, you can log a workout for January 1st on January 15th but the distance will not be counted toward the race distance.

Standings will be calculated real time.

Race begins January 1st. You can register anytime, however you must log workouts within five days of the actual swim.

There is no fee.  (Awards will be commensurate to the entry fee)

There will be overall winners and winners for various age groups.