New York to Boston

This is a 190 mile virtual running race between New York City and Boston.  The first competitor to log 190 run miles between September 1st and October 31st wins the race.

How it Works

The race begins on September 1st.  Members must register under the Registration Tab of OnLine Competitions.  Each day, contestants log their run miles into RunLog or QuickLog.  The system tracks  each contestant's milage real time and displays the current standings. The first competitor to reach 190 miles wins the race.


1.  If you are not a member of Swimming Community, please signup by clicking the Join Today button an the home page.

2.  Register for this race by clicking the Registration Tab found under the Compete OnLine menu.

3.  Start entering your run workouts.  You can either use Run Log to track detailed statistics on your run or use QuickLog to track summary workout data.

4.  To view your standings, go to the Standings tab under Compete OnLine.