Pick-a-Sport 500

This race not only pits one competitor against another, it pits sport against sport as well.  In this competition, members will compete in one of three sports: swim, bike or run.  Your training distance is converted to Run Mile Equivalents (RMEs) based on the following rules:

1 mile swim = 3 RMEs

1 mile run = 1 RME

1 mile bike = 1/3 RME

The first athlete, regardless of sport, to reach 500 RMEs wins the race.  Which sport has the best athletes?

How it Works

The race begins on November 1st.  Members must register under the Registration Tab of OnLine Competitions.    Each day, contestants log their swim, run and bike workouts into Swim Log, Run Log, Bike Log or QuickLog.  The system tracks  each contestant's distance real time, converts to RMEs and displays the current standings. The system determines which of the three sports yields the most RMEs for each competitor.  The first competitor reach 500 RMEs wins the race.


1.  If you are not a member of Swimming Community, please signup by clicking the Join Today button an the home page.

2.  Register for this race by clicking the Registration Tab found under the Compete OnLine menu.

6.  Start entering your swim workouts.  You can either use Swim Log to track detailed statistics on your swims or use QuickLog to track summary workout data.

4.  To view your standings, go to the Standings tab under Compete OnLine.