Tasmanian Team Trial

In this race 5 or more team members brave the rough seas between Melbourne, Australia and Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  In total, the race covers 609 kilometers (379 miles) during a 2 month time period.

Here's How it Works

Five Teammates must swim a cumulative distance of 609km.  A team can have an unlimited number of team members, however, only the top 5 members' distances will count toward the race total.

Each contestant must first select a team/group in their member profile.  If your team does not exist, you can add a new team under Teams/Add a Team.  Note that one team can have several groups.  If you swim for a large swim club that has age groups, masters, etc. you may want to create more than one group.

Starting February 1, all team members must log their workout distances in Swim Log or QuickLog.  Swimming Community will tabulate the total distance of the top 5 team members each day.  The team to accumulate 609km first wins. 

Members must register workouts within 5 days of the actual workout date.  Race standings are calculated real time.

There are no age groups in this race.