Challenge of the Sixes is a competition that combines both speed and endurance.  The Challenge is a single set that can be attempted as many time as you like throughout the competition month.  The swimmer who completes the most 100's in a single set, wins the race.

How it Works

The challenge consists of multiple sets of 6 x 100 yards freestyle.  The first set has an interval of 1:30.  The second set has an interval of 1:25.  Each set drops the interval 5 seconds.  There is no rest between sets of 100s.  In order to be counted, all sets of 100s must be entered in Swim Log as one large set.  For example, a person who completes 20 100s would log 1 set that says:

6 x 100    Free    Swim    on     1:30
6 x 100    Free    Swim    on     1:25
6 x 100    Free    Swim    on     1:20   
2 x 100    Free    Swim    on     1:15

Continue with 100s until you miss an interval.  You can count the last 100 even if you miss the interval.  In the above example, the swimmer may have come in on 1:17 on the 20th swim.  The swimmer can count the 100 but must then stop.

In order to count toward the competition, the first swim of the set must be the 6 x 100s on 1:30.  The next swim must be 6 x 100 on 1:25 and so on.  Fins, paddles, buoys, etc. ARE  PROHIBITED from this event.  Each swim must be entered as 'SWIM' under the accessories section.

In order to compete you simply have to register for the event and then swim/record the Challenge in SwimLog any time during the month.  You cannot use QuickLog for this event.