Joining a Team

Swimming Community allows you to join existing virtual teams throughout the world.  By belonging to a team, members can:

Here is how it works:

Team coaches can post workouts for their members each day.  When members login each day they will receive a message in "My Training" if their is a posted workout.  To retrieve a workout, go to Training Log/Swim Log.  Select the option to "Load Posted Workout".  Your workout will display as if you had built it yourself.  To save the workout in your personal log, simply save the workout as you would any other workout.

Training Analysis offers several graph options allowing you to compare your training to individuals in your team.

Your team is stored in your Member Profile.  It can accessed through My Profile/Demographics. 

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Important Note: By joining a team, the member agrees that he/she will not hold Swimming Community or individual teams or coaches responsible for any injury or medical problem arising from training.  Member train at their own risk.

The following a listing of all available teams.  We encourage coaches to register their teams and start posting workouts.